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Basketball, Reading, and Math Clinic

City Avenue Campus 
1101 City Avenue, Wynnewood, PA 19096

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Monday - Friday, July 1st - August 9th, 2019

9:15am - 2:45pm

Friends’ Central’s Basketball, Reading, and Math clinic is a six-week summer program designed to address the recreational, athletic and academic needs of students entering grades 2 -10. Instruction is given in the areas of basketball, reading, and mathematics, and is geared towards the individual needs of each student. Highlights of the program include guest speakers, a life-skills discussion group, and a fitness awareness program. Classroom activities are interactive and are designed to be fun as well as educational. Financial assistance is available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Academic Instruction

Academic instruction in mathematics and reading is provided by experienced teachers. Although the curriculum is not designed to replace what the campers receive during the school year, nontraditional activities are created to target skills believed to be essential to all young people.  The goal is to enrich learning and to encourage students to embrace academics during the summer break, but not to replace a summer school experience.

Basketball Instruction
Basketball instruction is provided by veteran coaches.  The instruction takes place in our Shimada Athletic Center and focuses on fundamentals and skill work, team cohesion, conditioning, and sportsmanship.

Recreational Period
After the instructional periods, the camp breaks for an extended recreational period.  A free swim is offered, or campers may choose to "shoot around" in the gym.  Both facilities are well supervised, including a certified lifeguard on duty at the pool and a full-time athletic trainer in the gymnasium at all times.  

League Basketball Play
The afternoon is devoted to league basketball play.  We have three leagues in the camp, and each league has four teams.  Games are played with counselors serving as referees and coaches.  In these games, we foster teamwork, hustle, and sportsmanship.