Letter From the Director

As the proud parent of five children who have gone through both of our day camps, I can speak personally about my and my children's summer camp experience. I remember the excited tales told at dinner of that happened that day, the heightened anticipation as special days approached, and the eagerness to head off to camp every morning. 

It is from this parent's perspective that I write to thank you for entrusting your children with us. For here at Friends' Central we fully understand just what that means. We pride ourselves on the fact that we have adult, experienced teachers leading virtually all activities. At the core of our camps and programs is a profound respect for children and a deep sensitivity to their needs. Our exceedingly high retention rate and stellar survey results attest to the fact that we meet this trust.

We are proud of our varied offerings and hope that one or more of them will meet your child's needs this summer. I also hope you share with your child the same excited dinner conversations, anticipation and eagerness that I have had the opportunity to experience because of Friends' Central Summer Programs.


Alex McDonnell


Meet the Staff

The staff of the Friends' Central Summer Programs consists of experienced teachers and mature counselors who guide the campers through their day with energy and care. All summer employees are oriented and guided in following the Quaker practices for which the school is known. A full-time registered nurse is available for all of our medical needs.

Camp Office

Camp Director, Alex McDonnell, has been an educator for 25 years, and currently serves as Technology Integration Specialist for the Middle and Upper Schools at Friends’ Central School.  Alex was both a counselor and Director of Trailblazer Camp before coming into this role. Kat Clayton, Summer Programs Coordinator, has worked in the summer camp environment since she was old enough to help at her Grandmom's Daycare in New Jersey. She enjoys working with children and helping parents through the camp experience.

Trailblazer Directors

trailblazer directors

Kristi Kallam is entering her 6th year as Director of Trailblazer Camp. She brings with her over 20 years of Trailblazer Camp experience, including six years as an Assistant Director. Kristi teaches Kindergarten at Friends' Central Lower School. Bill Darling returns for another season as Assistant Director and oversees the Pathfinder Program. Bill teaches Math at Friends' Central Upper School. Aviva Moore assists as office staff during the Trailblazer Camp season. She is the Director of Operations at the Grayson School. Trained as a Middle School Language Arts teacher, she has taught students with a wide range of abilities, including both gifted students and students with learning differences.

Tenderfoot Directors

tenderfoot directors 

Laedoan Lewis is entering her 4th year as the Director of the Tenderfoot Camp. She has many years of experience working with young children and their families. Laedoan teaches Pre-K at Friends' Central Lower School. Becky Daly brings with her years of experience, warmth, and wisdom to her work as Assistant Director. She served for many years in the same position at Trailblazer Camp and is now in her third year at Tenderfoot Camp. Becky teaches at Upper Darby High School as an 11th grade American Studies teacher and has two young children of her own.

Basketball, Reading and Math Clinic

brm directors

Keino Terrell is entering his 20th year of association with the Basketball, Reading, and Math Clinic and his sixth year as Co-Director.  He is currently Assistant Principal of Friends’ Central’s Middle School. Erica Seay is a long time employee of BRMC, where she originally was a camper. She is currently the Extended Day Director at FCS Lower School. Erica has spent nearly 20 years of her life with the BRMC family, and looks forward to it every year. 


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New Applicants: If you would like to be considered for Summer 2019, please feel welcome to complete the application.  The online application is available here for interested Tenderfoot or Trailblazer Camp applicants.

Trailblazer Jr CITs: Campers who are currently in 7th grade and attended camp last year may apply to become Trailblazer Jr. CIT's.  Instructions will be mailed and emailed in December.