Letter from the Director

As the proud parent of five children who have gone through both of our day camps, I can speak personally about my and my children's summer camp experience. I remember the excited tales told at dinner of that happened that day, the heightened anticipation as special days approached, and the eagerness to head off to camp every morning. 

It is from this parent's perspective that I write to thank you for entrusting your children with us. For here at Friends' Central we fully understand just what that means. We pride ourselves on the fact that we have adult, experienced teachers leading virtually all activities. At the core of our camps and programs is a profound respect for children and a deep sensitivity to their needs. Our exceedingly high retention rate and stellar survey results attest to the fact that we meet this trust.

We are proud of our varied offerings and hope that one or more of them will meet your child's needs this summer. I also hope you share with your child the same excited dinner conversations, anticipation and eagerness that I have had the opportunity to experience because of Friends' Central Summer Programs.


Alex McDonnell