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Frequently asked Questions

What makes our camp different?

How is pickup and dropAlthough we host the large number of over 700 campers each summer, our dedicated staff strives to make each family a top priority. Our dedicated year round Summer Programs Coordinator is available to answer questions, concerns, or simply chat at any point during the summer camp process. Our committed Directors, also Friends’ Central Teachers, spend months creating excellent and refreshing programming, working closely with the whole camp team for advice and support. With the inclusive values of the Quaker Friends’ community, our Summer Programs aim to make our summer families feel connected year after year. If we ever fall short on these goals, we encourage families to reach out. Looking forward to giving your child an amazing camp experience that will be remembered for years to come.

What programs do you offer?

Check out our Camp Overview for a quick look at our offerings. Location, Age, and a brief description are listed. Call the office for more details! 610-645-5132.

What can we expect as a New Camper?

We have put together an awesome “New To Camp” resource guide to help you through the process. As always, if you need any additional assistance do not hesitate to call the office! Special New Camper Rates! Come try Tenderfoot Camp for 10% off full price!

Who are your instructors?

The staff of the Friends’ Central Summer Programs consists of experienced teachers and mature counselors who guide the campers through their day with energy and care. All summer employees are oriented and guided in following the Quaker practices for which the school is known. A full-time registered nurse is available for all of our medical needs. Each bunk has a Head Counselor, assistant counselor, junior counselor, and counselor in training. Our Head Counselors are generally teachers from FCS and the surrounding area, or other individuals with a strong background in childcare. Assistant Counselors are generally college-aged, and our Junior Counselors are upperclassmen in high school. Our Counselor’s-in-Training are our youngest counselors, typically 14-15 years old.

What is your camper to instructor ratio?

Each bunk has 4-5 counselors, as is listed above. Ratio varies based on age. Please see the graph below.








Campers per Bunk







Can I meet the staff before the start of camp?

Yes! There is an orientation date, typically the Saturday before the start of the camp season. If you would like to visit campus before that time please contact the Summer Programs Office to schedule a tour.

Do I have to register for consecutive weeks?

No, you can register for any of the seven weeks (three weeks minimum*) for both Trailblazer and Tenderfoot Camps. Basketball, Reading and Math Clinic is a six week program with two three week sessions. If you are looking for fewer than three weeks for any of our camps, please call the office to discuss. *This minimum may be waived in special circumstances. Please call the office to see if we have availability.

What additional options do you offer?

We offer lunch, transportation (intercampus shuttle only), and extended day.

How do you group your campers?

Tenderfoot Camp has children grouped by age in mixed gender bunks. Trailblazer camp has campers grouped by age and gender (the bunk names ie “B5” are not correlated to grade). Basketball, Reading and Math Campers are separated into Lower, Middle, and Upper Leagues. This is dependent on age and scoring in the first test.

How do I stay informed throughout the summer?

Before camp begins you will receive a packet in the mail with a letter from the Director and the calendar for the season. If you do not receive this packet by mid-June, please contact the office. The letter and calendar will also be available via your CampinTouch account under “Forms and Documents.” Throughout the summer live updates will be posted for both Trailblazer and Tenderfoot camps via blog, as well as weekly newsletters directly to your inbox throughout the summer. You can also follow us on Facebook or Twitter.

What do you do on extremely hot days?

Both our campuses have adequate space to keep campers indoors if the heat exceeds safe levels. We do try to keep campers outside for as much time as possible despite the hot summer days.

How much time is spent indoors versus outdoors?

We strive to keep campers outside versus inside for an even split throughout the day. On the Upper School Campus this relies partly on the Pathfinder selections your child has picked (ie Computers versus Soccer) and our swimming pool is indoor. On the Tenderfoot Campus the specials vary from day to day and the swimming pool is outdoors.

What should I bring to camp?

Please see our camp pack list, linked here!

Will my child learn to swim?

Most campers become much stronger swimmers after a summer at our Trailblazer and Tenderfoot Camps. Instructional Swim is every morning on both campuses, and the campers have an option for free swim in the afternoon as well (mandatory free swim at the Tenderfoot camp). Please click here to learn more about our swim program.

How is pickup and dropoff done?

We do a car line pickup and drop off. You will receive car signs before the beginning of camp with your child’s name, camp, and bunk (if applicable). In the morning, parents will pull around to the front of the school where counselors will bring the campers from the car to their bunk. In the afternoon parents will pull to the front and counselors will announce the car sign, bringing the camper to their parent or guardian.

When does the intercampus shuttle run? Does it run during morning and aftercare?

We do offer an intercampus shuttle for Tenderfoot, Trailblazer, and CrossRoads Camps. The shuttle departs the campus at 8:20am sharp, and arrives in the afternoon around 3:15pm. There is not a shuttle option for extended day. Campers can go to either campus for GMC and take the shuttle inthe morning. If you have two campers close in age, you can send the older camper to the Lower School Campus only to participate in the Tenderfoot ACE program. Please call the office to confirm this, subject to availability. 

What if I don’t have a car sign/need more/have a friend picking up my child?

If you need a new or additional car signs, please contact the camp office and we will send them home in your child’s backpack. For alternative pickups, before camp begins you will see the option to add any adults to the “Authorized Pickup List” via your CampinTouch account. If the individual does not have car sign, he or she will need to show ID to the counselors upon pickup. This list closes the week before the first week of camp. To add additional individual please call the office. If you have an individual that was not added to the “Authorized Pickup” list and does not have a car sign, please call the office with the name of the individual coming to pickup your child so we can check ID upon arrival.

Where is the lost and found?

Lost and Found at the Upper School Campus is located in Shallcross Hall, on the tables to the left immediately upon entering. On the Lower School Campus lost and found is located in the camp office.

Can my child have a tutor come during the camp day?

Yes! We are happy to facilitate any tutoring or special services your child may need during the camp day on campus. We ask that all special services are completed by 11am. If you will need to have a tutor join us please call the office in order to schedule. We will also need all clearances from the individual joining us.

Do you offer financial aid?

Financial Aid is offered for our Basketball, Reading and Math Clinic only. Please click the link to learn more! We also offer a sibling discount of $100 off per camper after the first sibling is enrolled at full price. We also offer new camper rates for Tenderfoot Camp (10% off full price!)

My camper has special medical/dietary/etc needs.

We have a full time registered nurse on staff for both campuses. During the orientation the nurse will be available to discuss any medical attention your camper may need throughout the day and all medication can be put in the nurse’s office at that time. If you have any specific questions or concerns, please contact the office. We are a “peanut-aware” campus, not a nut free camp.

What is your Tax-ID number?

Remember, camp is tax deductible! Our Tax ID is 23-1352636.


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