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Trailblazer Pathfinder Activities

We offer Pathfinder afternoons for campers ages 7-12 (rising 2nd through 7th grade). Each afternoon, campers receive instruction and develop skills in their chosen activity from instructors with particular ​expertise and experience. This allows campers to select areas of special concentration on a weekly basis over the course of the camp season.

Pathfinder afternoons allow children to select activities in which there is already a particular interest or strength, or to stretch beyond their abilities to take on a completely new challenge. 

(The 6 year olds (rising 1st graders) have their own pathfinder program. They are assigned an activity for 4 weeks and choose from limited options the last three weeks.)

Pathfinders (subject to change)

Archery: Come join Robin Hood, Maid Marian and the Sherwood Forest gang. Hit the bull?s eye more often by developing and improving skills in a sport that is guaranteed to satisfy any camper. This is an exciting part of the day camp experience. 

Art: Let your imagination run wild as you develop your creative talents. Tomorrow?s master artists begin learning today from an experienced art counselor. Experience the freedom of expression in a variety of media: watercolor, tempera and much more. 

Baseball: Meet with Coach Peter to swing the bat, run the bases, field that ground ball and turn a double play. All levels and abilities welcome.

Basketball: Dawn Staley and Lebron James both started somewhere. Basketball players start by warming up their individual skills of dribbling, passing, and shooting, followed by a friendly game. 

Bears: Join the fun of designing, making, and watching your very own bear come to life. Choose your own mohair, learn to cut, sew, and stuff, and finally create your own adorable, unique bear face. It?s a lot of good fun with Laurie, in the Bear Room with Laurie!

Capture the Flag: Ready? This is a fast paced, high energy game, a longtime camp favorite. Campers strategize and work together to capture the opponents? flag and free captured teammates.

Ceramics: In our one-week Ceramic Pathfinder program, campers are introduced daily to a quick handbuilding technique demo to provide inspiration. Then they have the rest of the session to craft their own ideas. Using a one-time /  kiln-fire glaze, students apply color which melts to a shiny glass coating in the kiln. By Friday, they have several projects to enjoy at home, reminiscent of their clay experience. 

Cheerleading: **NEW ACTIVITY** 
What?s the best way to add camp spirit to any one’s day? Add a little bit of cheer. Come and learn a few camp cheers and get into the summer spirit! Campers in this Pathfinder will perform at Friday?s Spirit Time! (Pom Poms will be included for camper use and flair!)

Computers:  Campers will explore fun educational software and carefully selected websites in our cool computer lab. TEC counselors from our morning program lead this activity.

Crafts: Something exciting and different every day of the week as campers create their own crafts and games with Janet. Activities are traditional camp crafts and games.

Discovery: Explore our beautiful 23-acre campus and discover the wonders of the natural environment. Hike along streams in the woods, examine fossils, and gain exposure to chemistry through science experiments. Hands-on learning every step of the way! Come and ?Discover? the changing world during Pathfinder!

Dodgeball: Ready, aim, throw! Come and try your luck during  Dodgeball. Two teams will compete daily in the  gym. A variety of Dodgeball games will be  played.

Drama: If you would like to participate in the Drama play, PLEASE KNOW this is a four week commitment. Campers must be enrolled in camp for weeks 3, 4, 5, and 6. There is a night performance on Thursday, August 4th at 7PM for parents and friends. Campers MUST be able to attend this performance. 

Friendship Bracelets: Try your hand at making a hand-knotted bracelet for yourself or as a gift. Learn a variety of  patterns including simple braids. Can you say double half hitch?  

Jewelry Making: **NEW ACTIVITY**
Come and make a bracelet or a pair of earrings! Each camper will make one or the other during this 
new and exciting Pathfinder. Campers must be at least 10 years old to participate and there is limited space!

Knitting: **NEW ACTIVITY**
Learn the basic stitches of knitting, which is again a hobby enjoyed by many. Learn to make a scarf for next winter!

Rocketry: Ready to have a blast?  Then come to Rocketry pathfinder where you will launch rockets powered by air, water and fire!  You’ll build your own rocket, decorate it as you like, and launch it to the sky!

Advanced Rocketry: (week 6, for those who have already done Beginning Rocketry Pathfinder):  Still starry eyed?  This Pathfinder is for those who want to take Rocketry a step further and design their own rockets from household materials.  Ready to cut your own custom fins?  Send a two stage rocket thousands of feet into the air?  Then this Pathfinder is for you!

Soccer: The excitement of making a key pass, kicking in a winning goal, defending against a speedy winger, or making an incredible save? all these things become real possibilities as campers develop, improve, and enhance on individual and team skills. Enjoy a friendly pick-up soccer match.

Street Hockey: Campers heat up the street rink working together as a team to compete. The thrill of scoring a goal and making a great save in overtime comes through in this fast-paced, exciting game. Face guards will be provided for safety purposes.

Trailblazer Game Day: **NEW ACTIVITY**
It’s not Family Game Night it’s TRAILBLAZER GAME DAY!  We will be playing some popular games from TV Shows like Hollywood Game Night, and Deal or No Deal, but also some popular family/party games like Mad Gab, and the #1 rated party game right now Codenames.  Games will vary on a week to week basis, and could change from day to day.  For example, for Hollywood Game Night, each day might feature a different game from the show!  So come on down and have a great time playing some really fun and entertaining group games. Limited space!

Tennis: Play on our beautiful courts. Work on your serve and ground strokes with our experienced tennis instructors. You will be introduced to the fundamentals of tennis as well as build and improve your tennis skills. Game, set, match!

Come and gain perspective and enhance your spirit! Learn the basic practises of yoga in 
hopes of attaining a state of perfect spiritual insight and tranquility. What a way to end 
your summer days!

Vamos a bailar! (Let?s dance!) Zumba involves dance and aerobic elements. Aplaudir y pisar los pies al ritmo! (Clap your hands and stomp your feet to the beat!) This choreography incorporates hip-hop, samba, salsa, meringue, and mambo. It?s a great workout for all ages!


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